Our Stained Glass Windows

We would love to share with you the history of our memorial stained glass windows.  Each window is a richly coloured and detailed representation of Scripture – a sermon in glass.  They are memorials to loved ones that honour their names and works, teach the viewer, and enrich the church building.

Glass has been used as decoration since ancient times.  To make stained glass, the artisan added metallic salts and oxides to molten glass. When the sun hit the glass it caused the beams to burst into the colour spectrum and made the glass seem to glow from within.

Church windows developed along with new glasswork techniques and new styles of architecture. Windows went from nuggets of glass set in wood or stone to intricately painted mosaics connected by lead strips in soaring structures.

The Gothic age (12th to 16th century) produced the great cathedrals of Europe and brought about the full development of stained glass windows.  Churches became taller and lighter; walls were thinned and stained glass was used to fill the larger openings in them.

Abbot Suger of the Abbey of St. Denis, outside Paris, rebuilt his church in what is one of the first examples of the Gothic style.  He truly believed that the presence of beautiful objects would lift mens’ souls closer to God because our surroundings and our senses are the doorways to the soul.  Suger believed that the universe consists of the “Father of Lights” (God) the “first radiance” (Christ) and the “smaller lights” (the people).

Suger demonstrated the desire to get closer to this “one true light” in his use of heightened architecture as well as by his passion for light in the church.  Because religion was an important part of daily life, these stories in glass were often inspired by the Bible or by the lives of saints. In the sixth century, Pope Gregory had urged artists to paint Biblical scenes on church walls to educate the public.

The stained glass windows of the Church of the Ascension were created by the firm of Robert McCausland Limited of Toronto, Canada. They were designed with many things in mind: location, amount and direction of light, architectural style, and customers’ needs and theme requested.  Much planning, work, and detail go into producing truly inspirational, vibrant, living stained glass windows.

Our Gothic arched windows are all classic traditional designs that highly skilled artisans have brought to life by cutting and assembling the finest selections of glass.  A special technique is used to permanently bond paint and glass. The artistic attention to detail is especially shown in the gradations of colour in the sky and in the figures’ facial details.

Join us now as we share the Bible stories and how they are depicted in stained glass; the stories of the departed loved ones, their families, and friends; and the significance of the Scriptures and symbols.

The first window that we will be looking at is: “Launch Into the Deep and Let Down Your Nets.” We have a video presentation that will be posted here very soon. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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