Synod 2013

The Synod for the Diocese of Toronto, 2013 was held Friday, November 29th and Saturday, November 30th. In many ways it was an uneventful Synod because the business (financial, amendments to canons, etc.) was straight forward. The Diocese had done an excellent job at the pre-Synod meetings to review business matters and deal with any […]

Don’t forget to “fall back” this Sunday!

Don’t forget to change your clock this weekend! See you at our regular 10 a.m. gathering time.

Thoughts from this week’s sermon…

A reminder not to let daily work get in the way of worship. I want to begin this day with thankfulness, and continue it with eagerness. I shall be busy; let me set about things in the spirit of service to you and to my fellows, that Jesus knew in the carpenter’s shop in Nazareth. […]

Are We An Inclusive Church?

This past Sunday I talked about  the reality that the history of the Church has been one that does not lend itself to being inclusive. However, I think there are many positive signs to show that there has been change that is consistent with Scripture. Acts 11:1-18 is generally considered a watershed moment because the […]

Building A Healthy, Strong, Small Church

Today marks being one year as the priest-in-charge of the Church of  the Ascension. It has been a wonderful year as we came together and witnessed a growing congregation prepared to act on their faith and do so within a loving and caring community. I said this past Sunday while we may be a small […]

What’s our vision?

I will be coming up to a year anniversary at Ascension this week. I think this is a good time to talk about the last year and where our worship, mission, outreach, programs and stewardship are going. I’m planning to hold a series of meetings, perhaps three, at different times, perhaps in the form of […]

Belonging Means Participating

As I prepare for Vestry (Sunday, Feb. 24th) I was reviewing our parish list. It is always interesting as you come across names of people who you have never seen at church. Out of the blue I will get a phone call to do a funeral or wedding and the person will say that they […]


The Diocese of Toronto has developed a course called Mission Possible as a resource for parishes to learn and talk about being a mission shaped church. Specifically, this course delves into how we go about doing mission in an increasing secular society. It is the realization that many of the people we encounter on a […]

A Ministry of Healing

We have introduced a Healing and Contemplative Service on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  This is an opportunity to come to a service that is quiet, contemplative, and to find a way to just turn everything over to God.  It is an Eucharistic service with anointing, prayer, and quiet song. While the Ascension will […]

Doing the Work of God

September represents the beginning of a new year in church. Over the next month I want us to engage in a discussion of what it means to be a welcoming church and to practice “radical” hospitality.   Two Sundays ago I talked about the need to find a balance in our worship services. A worship […]

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