English Cream Team – Building Community

Yesterday was the third annual English Cream Tea which coincides with Brits on the Lake. This morning one of our parishioners remarked that participating in this event made her feel that the church was a family. On its face this may seem to be a strange comment when we think of all the hard work that […]

Islam and the Media

Islam and the Media

On Saturday, March 19th five members of the Church of the Ascension attended a conference called Unlearn, Relearn, Challenge: Islam & the Media which was sponsored by The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT. The purpose of this conference was to scrutinize how “numerous media outlets across the globe actively perputuate negative stereotypes, myths […]

Death, the prosperity gospel and me

In today’s sermon, Lisa Walters read an excerpt from this article, which appeared recently in the New York Times. Read the full article here.  

What is Lent?

Lenten cross

Lent is a season of preparation, leading up to Easter. It is the forty days plus the six Sundays before Easter. For centuries, it has been observed as a special time of self-examination and penitence. Lent is a time for concentration on fundamental values and priorities, and is not a time for self-punishment. Lent developed […]

Spiritual But Not Religious – Part 3 – How do we respond?

Over the last three Sundays we have considered the Spiritual But Not Religious Movement or SBNR. This past Sunday we considered what should be, if any, our response to SBNR. Perhaps SBNR is a new religious movement or a new paradigm shift which the Church must respond to. We have seen this happen before in […]

Spiritual But Not Religious – Part 2 – Why?

This is the second in a three part series on the rise of Spiritual but Not Religious or SBNR. I spent some time describing the work of Linda Mercadante in her book Belief Without Borders. She provided a model for her study groups based on age groupings and personality types. I want to talk in […]

Spiritual But Not Religious – Part 1 – Synoposis

Last Sunday and for the next two Sundays, Rev. John will engage us in a discussion of the growing religious group – SBNR or Spiritual but Not Religious. By the first decade of 2000 at least 46 million people or more than one-fifth of Americans used this moniker, and it is a trend equally applicable […]

22 days…

Interested in learning more about how the Anglican church has responded to the Truth and Reconciliation process go to www.22days.ca. There are 22 videos from survivors, one each day beginning May 31 and ending June 21 together with prayers and much more.

Advent and our services – a message from Reverend John

Rev. John Anderson

The gospel reading for the first Sunday of Advent is Mark 13:24-37. Jesus describes the end and instructs his disciples to be on watch for signs of it. Not a very pleasant way to start Advent. This does not seem to encapsulate the joyous time of year represented in holiday parties, merrymaking, gift wrapping presents […]

English tea, Brits on the Lake, and Loving Thy Neighbour

This past Sunday, August 10th, we held an English Tea in conjunction with Brits on the Lake. Many people commented that they had not enjoyed a tea like this since they had been in Britain; that we had a beautiful church and a wonderful setting; many said they would be back next year; and even […]

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