English Cream Team – Building Community

Yesterday was the third annual English Cream Tea which coincides with Brits on the Lake.

This morning one of our parishioners remarked that participating in this event made her feel that the church was a family.

On its face this may seem to be a strange comment when we think of all the hard work that goes into English Cream Tea. Months ahead there is a need to coordinate people to do the baking our make sandwiches; getting posters made and circulated; on the Saturday we have to get up all the flags and bunting, go through a dry run of setting up tables, and cleaning up the grounds; and on the day there is a serving and clean-up crew; there is the kitchen crew that makes tea and has to clean dishes; there are people who need to cut sandwiches and organize the plates for parties of two, three, or four; or there are people who have to fill up little cups with clotted cream. It makes me feel kind of lucky that my job was to talk to people and welcome them to our church. In other words it take a lot of people from the church to make this day happen. Every person who helped out was working flat out from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. – each and every one of you made an important contribution to the day. The Corporation and I thank you for your hard work and your ministry to this church. There are too many of you to name but you know who you are. However, we do have to give special thanks to Bev Brown for organizing another great day – I hope she gets a needed rest on her holiday!

I want to come back to that comment about how this event made the person feel like they were part of a family. I think that this feeling comes from being part of a day, that despite the hard work there was a lot of laughter and fellowship. Everyone seem to have a spring in their step as they went about their duties. Even towards the end of the day when we were getting tired and waiting for four o’clock to come along, we continued to welcome people and made them feel at home. Even the young teenagers who gave an extra-ordinary hand seemed to really get into the spirit of the day. Maybe that is the answer – the Holy Spirit. It was a day where the Spirit moved us to be in community with one another as we invited the larger community into our home called the Ascension. It was the Spirit that gathered us into being that one body where we felt that we were really building up the church in our community and in doing so helped us to recall that we are indeed a family.

God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. John

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