50,000 South Sudanese refugees – per week

Refugees at Lietchuor Camp 2014. Photo by Christof Krackhardt, courtesy of ACT Alliance.

Refugees at Lietchuor Camp 2014. Photo by Christof Krackhardt, courtesy of ACT Alliance.

Over 1 million people have been displaced since fighting began in South Sudan last December. The number of refugees in Ethiopia’s Gambella region alone increased by from 150,000 to 200,000 in the past week. ACT Alliance (a coalition of more than 140 churches and affiliated organizations) says the crisis now affects the entire Horn of Africa and East Africa region.

Did you see a recent article about the crisis in South Sudan? Likely not. According to ACT, there is little interest from the international community, and very little media coverage.

Many refugees are fleeing to neighbouring countries, and camps are becoming over-stretched. One such camp has capacity for 20,000 people, but houses nearly twice that number. And they are preparing for another 25,000 arrivals.

Refugees are arriving in increasingly poor condition, having survived for long periods of time only on grass, wild fruit and leaves.

It is natural to feel helpless in the face of a crisis on this scale. However, PWRDF (Primate’s World Relief Development Fund) offers an opportunity to pool funds to help organizations who will be building permanent water supplies and increased capacity until refugees can return home. So far, PWRDF has collected and contributed $75,000 to aid in helping those who have been displaced.

How far will this go?

A $20,000 contribution has provided food and basic goods to 3,000 households who have fled the violence. Clearly, there is need for much more.

You can help organizations like ACT assist refugees, through a donation to PWRDF. You can make a special offering with your regular Sunday offering envelope (just mark the amount going to the PWRDF South Sudan Conflict, or visit PWRDF online for more donation options.

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