Synod 2013

CarkeyThe Synod for the Diocese of Toronto, 2013 was held Friday, November 29th and Saturday, November 30th.

In many ways it was an uneventful Synod because the business (financial, amendments to canons, etc.) was straight forward. The Diocese had done an excellent job at the pre-Synod meetings to review business matters and deal with any questions.

The interesting part of the Synod were the workshops on mission and congregational development. As well there were a number of planned mission moments through out the Synod. These moments allowed us to here from other parishes how they are being creative about mission and outreach. It was a reminder that we need to look within our churches and communities to find those things that ignite us to serve people and to continue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our lay-delegate Cathy Ryckman attended Synod for the first time. She was struck by Archbishop Colin Johnson’s remark “I am giving you the keys to the car. For God’s sake drive that car for God’s sake.” We all have a role to play in the mission of the church. We all bring gifts to our mission. We all have the ability to be creative and innovative. Cathy remarked: “I am willing to drive the car but I hope I have some passengers with me.”

At the Church of the Ascension we have worked to building up a community of hopeful and faithful people. I am sure that each one of you will want to be a passenger in the care ( and maybe want to drive).

I invite you to check out the Diocesan website and learn more about what happened at Synod. I also invite you to speak to me about your ideas and thoughts on mission.

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